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  • Who is Roel Pasetes?

    I'm writing this article because you connected with me at Entrepreneur Summit Dallas 2016 on 3/24/2016.     You tapped
  • How To Crush Your Marketing Campaign

        I came across an article here and realized that most, if not all, can be magnified with a Nifty
  • Crowdfund Your Personal Project

    "Your supporters promote you online and offline.  The shirts are a great giveback in itself! Truly a viral way to
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How Can We Help You?

Our wearable technologies enables you to direct people to the right information immediately allowing for increased awareness, donations, sales and other call-to-actions for your campaign's marketing strategy... All while looking great!


Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Nifty Campaigns' crowdfunding and fundraising platform equips you with a funding portal, custom content creation, social media integration for desktop and mobile users. Learn more or start a campaign.

Custom Marketing Strategy

Best for those who want to link their T-Shirts to their own business or fundraising website. The possibilities with this option are endless! Design your shirt and give us your URL. It's that simple.


Coming Soon: All campaign promoters will have access to some pretty nifty analytics and other features through our Campaign Management Console.



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