• Community Crowdfunding & Viral Fundraising with #tap2fund T-Shirts

  • Technology-Enabled T-Shirts To Boost Your Funding Campaign

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Consistent Messaging

No more fumbling around for the right words to describe your t shirt fundraising campaign. Every T-Shirt contains correct and up to date campaign info.

Quicker Conversions

The attractive shirt patch engages potential donors right away and opens you up to talk about your t shirt fundraising campaign. Engage to get donations on the spot.

Fewer Excuses

Get to a higher level of fundraising by eliminating common excuses such as "I meant to, but I forgot." or "I'll do it later".

It All Flows Together

  • Create & Edit Your Campaign

    Give your campaign a name and the amount you want to raise. Then describe it in detail to give enough information for potential donors to make the decision to donate to your cause. Stay up to date and interactive with your audience by filling your campaign with photos and videos, and keep it updated with the very latest news.

  • Design & Order Your Shirts

    Use the built-in Design Tool to design your unique campaign Connected T-shirt. We've got a large selection of shirt brands, styles and colors. You may upload your own artwork and use our fine collection of fonts, and images to create the perfect technology-enabled shirt for your cause. Save the design just for selling online at no cost or submit an initial order to empower your initial set of "foot soldiers" so they can hit the ground running to spread your campaign.

  • t shirt marketing

    Wear & Collect Donations

    Wear your campaign's Connected T-Shirt often and encourage all your supporters to do the same. This maximizes their ability to spread your cause and collect donations on your behalf on the spot. Socializing in high-traffic areas is highly encouraged. The public will be drawn to your T-shirt because of the patch on your sleeve. Introduce yourself by shaking their hand and make that patch visible. This is a great entry point and ice-breaker that will allow you to talk about your cause. Keep track of all donation status at anytime by logging in and checking the options within your account options.

  • indiegogo crowdfunding

    Increase Your Army of Advocates

    Spread awareness through social media share buttons available on your campaign page. What's more is every person who wears your campaign's Connected T-shirt serves as a foot soldier in your army of advocates and is able at any moment to give accurate campaign information to potential donors and collect donations on the spot on your behalf. Growing the number of your advocates gives you the best chance to meet your donation goal. Encourage everyone to buy a shirt to support your cause and help grow your team with indiegogo crowdfunding.

  • Receive Your Donations

    We will send money to your designated destination account twice a month and a report will be sent to you with each deposit.  Because every t shirt marketing campaign is different, contact us for a custom payment schedule.


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