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This is a fundraising site for my dad, Tracy who is currently unemployed and suffering from major diabetic health related issues. Not only is he at very high risk at becoming an amputee, quickly losing his eye sight and lost his job 8 months ago plus all of his health insurance and coverage he had as well. Without his income and insurance he is not getting the proper care that he needs for his diabetes and hasn't in months, which has led to possible amputation due to infection. He and my mother are currently drowning in medical bills he racked up when he first lost his job as well as every day life bills. Struggling to keep their heads above water, my mother is working daily and taking care of my dad; seeing as they have exhausted all other options. He has zero income whatsoever and is physically unable to work in the conditions that he is in and has recently been diagnosed with MERSA on top of all the other trials he is currently facing! We would like to fundraise and sell t-shirts for him. ALL funds will be placed into a savings account and used strictly on medical care and bills to help my dad, as well as bills they are falling behind on to get a leg up. If nothing else, we ask for and appreciate all prayers sent our way as we go through this difficult time with my Dad. 


Love Always, 

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Braz Battle
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