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The mission of JJ's Hello Foundation is to prevent youth suicide, promote mental health awareness, and create a message of hope for pre-teens, teens and young adults in our community.


 We will assist schools and community organizations in developing, facilitating, funding and executing programs, activities, workshops, and events designed to help educate parents, children, teachers, school administrators and other members of the community about the causes, signs, and prevention of youth suicide.  Through our website and other community activities, JJ's Hello Foundation will provide information about suicide prevention resources available from local, state and national organizations.


JJ's Hello Foundation and his family hope that such activities and training will raise awareness about suicide, erase the stigmas associated with suicide discussion so that teens and young adults who are in crisis will not turn to suicide as the only answer, and that friends, families, teachers and the community at large will recognize the signs and get them help before it’s too late.


JJ's Hello Foundation encourages everyone to Listen and SPEAK UP to prevent youth suicide.  


To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.


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JJ's Hello Foundation
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