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Roel shares insights on crowdfunding, fundraising, and NFC wearable technologies.

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How To Crush Your Marketing Campaign

Posted by on in About Nifty Shirts
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I came across an article here and realized that most, if not all, can be magnified with a Nifty T-Shirt.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a T-Shirt embedded with NFC and SMS technology whereby anyone that encounters the T-shirt may tap their phone directly on the shirt (or send an SMS code to a number) and be directly sent to a place online specified by the campaign owner of the shirt.  Of course, this is to bridge the gap for offline marketing endeavors and convert those people onto online users immediately.  By doing this, it provides the campaign owner some additional insights and analytics so they can go about their day more confident in their campaign direction.
So, without further ado… Lets look at the top 20 free or cheap ways to market your business and see how we can boost it with these shirts.
  1. Get promotional business cards: Business cards are a dime a dozen.  I’ve collected thousands of business cards just in the last few years.  I scan them, make them computer readable so I can search for their content by simply typing into my Evernote search bar, etc.  That does cost me time.  With a Nifty T-Shirt, business cards go out the door and someone is immediately sent to your site or landing page of your choosing.  First!  It’s a completely new way for someone to be introduced to your business by having them tap their phone on your T-Shirt.  That act alone is something they will remember you by.  Then your website is loaded on their phone immediately.  So they can always search their browsing history and get back to you when the need arises.
  2. Collect e-mail addresses and send out e-mail newsletter:  Since each Nifty T-Shirt can be customized to point to any page on the web, you can have anyone who taps your shirt go directly to your email signup list and voila!  New subscriber!  Awesome!!  Moreover, if you ever decided to publish your newsletter online via blog post, you can increase your blog viewers simply by introducing yourself to someone.
  3. Donate some of your products:  Donating your products is always a good way to get the word out about your business.  If you donate your product, the ones that learn about them will still need to eventually get to your site.  Typically, they will be told of your company and your website and they may type it directly into their smartphones, or maybe write them on paper, or many other ways.  I typically type it in my smartphone, it goes to Evernote, and very seldom get to it due to my busy life.  What if you gave away Nifty T-shirts?  It will have your brand on it, and anyone has direct access to your site, email list and maybe even directly to your sales page.
  4. Get a magnetic sign made for your company car:  You are already a walking billboard with a Nifty T-shirt.  If you get a magnetic sign made, I suggest getting a QR code on it.  I can help with that if you don’t know, just contact me.
  5. Hire a teenager to stand by the road and hold up your sign:  What about giving multiple teenagers a free t-shirt.  That’s already an instant hit… BUT make them Nifty Tees and It will blow up.  That’s something new, they will tell all their friends.  Your name will be spread in no time.
  6. Buy someone’s dinner:  That’s old school, yes it still works, and if you ever bought me dinner, I’d be grinning from ear to ear, and you will be in my good graces.  With Nifty Tees, you could get the other party some advertising space on your shirt (joint venture?) and market together.
  7. Offer a free class or seminar: yes of course!  do that by all means!  just have the signup form be the link from your shirt and get more people signing up for your seminar.  That’s word of mouth +++.
  8. Go to any event and give away balloons:  Sure, do it and make sure those who are alergic to latex can handle your balloons.
  9. Donate magazines and books to any business with a waiting area:  Personally, i’m not so sure I buy into this tactic.. I’ve lost large amounts of money in the past doing some print advertising.  To me, print is dead.
  10. Contribute expert articles to local publications:  Your Nifty Tee’s landing page should also include links to any local publications that featured you as a contributor to build up your credibility.
  11. Create tip sheets on your area of expertise:  Your Nifty Tee’s landing page can also include downloadable versions of tip-sheets, infographics, etc.  This results in an instantly satisfied user experience giving you a leg up among your competition.
  12. Do a demo:  Regardless of what what service or product you are all about, you can and should take advantage of sharing your own video content.  Have a video of you explaining your product or service uploaded to YouTube.  That Youtube video will start playing as soon as someone taps on your shirt.
  13. Create a referral program for your existing customers:  I would definitely include this news in your newsletter.  
  14. Send hand-written thank you notes:  No matter how high tech we are now and will continue to be, nothing beats a hand-written letter. By all means, take the extra time to do that!
  15. Send hand-written “we miss you” notes:  Should you really be missing them?  I think the real issue here is keeping your customers engaged in your every day world.  Convert your existing customers into raving fans that will never ever leave you.  How do you do this?  You can break into live streaming, and other popular forms of social media to stay up to beat with your fans.  The Nifty Tee can help out with this in that it can point anyone to your live broadcast schedule, upcoming calendar of events, even links to follow you on these platforms immediately.
  16. Hold a contest:  What about a contest on how many people can tap their T-shirt?  And the reward can be anything of your choosing… BUT, you should also reward them with a T-shirt of their own and continue the contest with those who just received their shirts.  The viral effect of getting your name out will start taking off and you can see your tap analytics online.
  17. Participate in local contests:  See #16
  18. If you’ve got a great office, warehouse or retail space, allow community organizations and non-profits to use it for events:  From time to time, you will want to run specials.  In my mind, this is a special you would give to your community.  You can modify where your Nifty Tee points to and make it point to your offer.  Such as a sign-up form for when community events can be held at your location.
  19. Participate in online forums related to your business:  You can give these organizations Nifty Tees to help promote the forums and other business and help others get their names out.  You can be a hero.
  20. Hang out where “your people” hang out  - Always gotta be doing this, especially if you’re the CEO… Staying on top of what your customers are thinking, eating, talking about, breathing is essential or keeping your business sharp.
I skipped 21 through 25 in the article as the rest didn’t really relate to generating more awareness in your business more than what I had already talked about.  I hope you find this article useful, and furthermore, hope that you consider using a Nifty Tee to boost your brand awareness.


See ya!

He is an incessant ideas generator, and avid pool player and a high energy individual.  He has multiple engineering degrees with over fifteen years in the software industry.  Most of all, he's a dedicated husband, father and follower of Christ.


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