#tap2fund 3Day Fundraising Calculator




About This T-Shirt Fundraising Calculator


This is a comparison of expected funds raised based on ONLY selling t-shirts for fundraising.   It compares selling traditional t-shirts versus selling Tap2fund t-shirts.

Disclaimer: The results of this calculation should give you an approximation only and may vary based on your particular fundraising scenario.


What's the difference? 
Tap2fund t-shirts allow for anyone to wear the shirt to be able to spread information about your cause and collect donations on your behalf.  Notice how the calculator's values for # of people able to accept donations and # of expected shirts to sell increase especially if your fundraising outlook is good to great.  This takes advantage of the viral fundraising factor that is empowered by Tap2fund shirts. Traditional t-shirts do not have this capability thus limiting the potential reach of your campaign.


What else is taken into account? 

Tap2fund technology currently be costs $5 to $6 per shirt.  So this price is added to the expected sale price of the shirt during calculation to keep the profit margin the same as traditional shirts.

Total expenses takes into account how many shirts you have to purchase for your initial team plus the number of shirts you expect to sell.


What is NOT taken into account? 

Our tap2fund calculations are very minimum as to not overestimate.   It doesn't take into account that your campaign is online and can be shared through social media which will reach more people than what the calculator tells you.   The calculator also does not take into account any monetary donations that are not in exchange for a t-shirt.  


The Math Model

  Fundraising outlook
Great:  this means that the majority of your donors will become strong advocates for you and will spread your cause and do a great job collecting donations on your behalf.   Our mathematical model for this fundraising outlook is the initial team set will be the strongest advocates therefore each team member will sell at least 2 other shirts.  Those shirt wearers will then spread the cause less effectively where half will sell at least 1 t-shirt, then those people in turn will have a 25% probability that they will sell a T-shirt.  So, this calculator at most only calculates 3 layers worth of "viral fundraising".  Your fundraising potential can be much greater than this minimal model.

Good: Only half of your original team will sell at least 1 shirt, then those new shirt wearers have a 25% probability to sell at least 1 shirt.  So, this calculator at most only calculates 2 layers worth of "viral fundraising".  Your fundraising potential can be much greater than this minimal model.

Average:  Only 25% of your initial team will sell at least one shirt. And no other shirts will be sold other than the initial set of shirts to be sold.  Therefore the result is just slightly above traditional t-shirt fundraising.

Below Average:  Your team-mates are non-participatory and do not sell any shirts.  This equals the same amount as traditional t-shirt fundraising.


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