Frequently Asked Questions

What is your product and how does it work?

We offer a service and a product that enhances your service.

Our Service: We enable you to create your won crowd-funding campaign by which you are able to post information about your cause, upload photos and a videos.  Your campaign page includes a "Donate" button in which anyone can support your cause by donating money.

Our Product: We enable you to design your own campaign T-Shirts where you set the price.  (A price greater than what it costs to make the shirt).  Anyone can support your campaign by buying a T-Shirt. The difference in the collected amount goes to fund your campaign.  What's more is once that shirt is worn, you have another "foot soldier" advocating for your campaign and collection donations for you!  The more shirts out there, the more awareness and funding you get.  We encourage you to order as many shirts possible from the start to get your campaign spreading.  This campaign, unlike any other crowd-funding campaign hits the streets hard!

Whether you have no money to start with, or have a sizable budget, you're able to get started with a Nifty Campaign right away. 


What value are you adding to my crowdfunding campaign?

Nifty Campaigns' Connected T-Shirts allows you to take your campaigns from the on-line world to the off-line world in a big way.  Each person wearing your campaign shirt is equipped with up to date information about the campaign and a donor is able to donate on the spot.  Imagine the number of donations you miss out on when a possible donor says "I'll do it later" and then he forgets to donate.  Nifty Campaigns is bridging that gap.

We enable the people that care about you campaign to help do the legwork and spread your cause and accept donations on the spot for you every time they wear your campaign shirt.

Can I create a basic campaign without having to design and buy a shirt?

Absolutely,  creating a campaign and opting out of designing and ordering shirts is acceptable, and it works just like most of the other crowd-funding sites.  You will still be able to share your cause online through social media and via word of mouth.

Can I wash my shirt?

Of course!  And you can put it in the dryer too!

Can I iron my shirt?

Our recommendation is for you to iron the shirt, but leave the patch un-ironed.  

How much do the NFC-enabled Connected T-Shirts cost?

Unit price on our T-Shirts will depend on several factors such as the number of colors used, the locations of the prints (front, back, sleeve) and # of shirts ordered. The larger the amount of shirts ordered, the lower the price per shirt.  Please go to our design tool which has a built in quote system.  Please remember that each shirt is NFC-enabled, so it would be unfair to compare these shirt prices with other shirt prices from typical T-shirt vendors.

I don't have the money to buy shirts, what should I do?

If you don't have the funds to buy shirts, we suggest you create a campaign and start sharing and spreading your message to collection donations right away.  You can opt to design and purchase shirts at a later time, or not at all. 

Are my donations tax deductible?

Depending on the cause you're supporting, your donation may be tax deductible.  Please check directly with the campaign promoter and with a professional tax consultant.

If I donate, what kind of confirmation will I get?

You will get an email receipt of your donation specifying the campaign name, donation amount, and date of the donation.

I want to support a campaign.  Where do I start?

From the Top Menu, click on Explore, then View All Campaigns.   You may sort campaigns based on their topic, or search for a specific topic that interests you.  Once you pick a campaign to support.  You can show your support in multiple ways.

    1. Donate money.  There's a "Donate" button on the campaign page
    2. Buy a Campaign Connected T-Shirt.
    3. Share the campaign with your friends through social media and by word of mouth.
    4. Wear your Connected T-Shirt often and proudly.  Make sure you're seen by the public and be ready to talk about the good you're doing when you're approached by others  asking about your shirt.

What fees do you charge?

See plans and pricing


When and how often will I receive the donated funds?

Nifty Campaigns starts a deposit transaction to your designated destination account on the 15th and 28th of each month unless otherwise specified. Certain non-profits prefer one big deposit at the end of the campaign, we are able to hold onto the funds until then if you so choose.

Do all campaigns use the "keep it all" model?  Do you support pledges?

We employ the keep-it-all model for now but do plan on supporting pledges in the future.


What kind of T-shirts do you carry? What colors?

We carry a wide array of T-Shirt brands, styles and colors, please go to our store to find out what's available.

I have an iPhone 5s or earlier, will this work with the shirts?

No, Apple has not enabled NFC on any of its phones iPhone5s and earlier.  There has been a lot of buzz about the implementation of NFC on iPhone6 which is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2014.   Please see our mobile device compatibility list.

Do you sell anything other than shirts?

For now, no.  But we plan on expanding soon.

How secure is this?

The NFC tag just instructs the phone or tablet that has tapped on it to go to a the campaign's site. Once on the site, all data is secured via HTTPS protocol using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).  This is the same technology your banks use to secure traffic to your mobile device and desktops.

How does selling our T-shirt on your site work?

T-Shirts are designed and linked to your campaign by you, which means you set the price.  A product get created in our store and sales can begin.  

Case 1: If you bought a large order of shirts, you may choose to leave a set amount with us for sales online.  We would take care of fulfilling those orders and crediting your campaign with its proceeds (less the cost of the shirt and credit card fees).  We take care of the shipping costs.

Case 2: Or, you can elect to fulfill these orders yourself, and we let you know when we get orders online. This method requires you to pay for your own shiping costs.

Case 3: If you do not have a large order of shirts, we will take care of the reprinting and fulfilling as in Case 1 above.  Please note that reprints of your design will be done DTG (direct to garment) instead of screen print.  This keeps our costs low to maximize contribution to your campaign.

Example: You design and set a price for your shirt of $25.  This shirt costs $10.  2.5% of $10 = $0.25 and a flat fee of $0.30 = $0.55, therefore actual cost of the shirt is $10 + $0.55 = $10.55. Your campaign will be credited $25.00 - $10.55 = $14.45 per shirt sold.



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