• Raising Funds - How It Works

  • Raising Funds - How It Works

  • Raising Funds - How It Works

  • Raising Funds - How It Works

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Creating Your Campaign

showCreating a new campaign is FREE and easy
 Give your campaign a title, set its goal amounts and a short description to get started.  Then, give us some basic information about yourself including a Paypal email address or alternate payment details such as bank account information so we may send you your donations.  Decide if you will be giving back to your donors when they donate a specific amount.  Finally, specify your campaign's main image and upload additional images to make your campaign more visually stimulating to your would-be donors.  You may also insert a video to explain your campaign and maximizing its effectiveness and reach.

Designing Your Connected T-Shirts

show Once your campaign is created, select from our connected apparel items and use our design studio to make it uniquely yours.  You can choose to use our own artwork or upload your own designs.  Not an artist? Get in touch with our design team to create something just right for you. Email them at design@niftycampaigns.com

Spreading Your Cause: We Sell Your Shirts For You!

showSpread your cause through social media channels and watch your donations rise.  What's more is when you have a shirt design for your campaign, the general public will be able to support you by buying a campaign T-Shirt where you set the price.  For example: You set the price for $25.  Because each shirt costs your $15, you will get a donation of $10 for each shirt that you sell.  Your new donor now has a connected T-Shirt and is able to spread your cause for you and opens up potential for even more donations!



Monitoring Your Campaign's Progress

showWhen you click on My Campaigns you are able to see how many people have shared your campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  You are also able to make any changes to your campaign page such as adding additional information, images and video to further engage your target audience.  A donor report is available to show you who has given and how much.  Be sure to show your appreciation!

Collecting Donations

showIf you gave us your Paypal information when your campaign was created, then each donation done through Paypal will immediately go to your account.  If you gave us a non-Paypal destination account, then funds will be transferred on the 15th and 28th of each month.  Allow between 3 to 7 business days for transfers to complete.



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