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image Recognition. Attention.

Increase Awareness Offline and Online.

Spread Consistent InformationSocial Media Sharing

Increase VisibilityFace-to-Face Interaction

Product/Service InformationShare Photos and Videos

Nifty Campaigns T-shirts increase public awareness by design and placement of the sleeve patch. This is the first step in getting people to act on your campaign. Nifty's tees keep your message consistent. This is essential as your campaign grows.

image Power. Response.

A Call to Action From a T-Shirt

The first of its kind

Sign-up formsLink to Buy Now

Immediate Online DonationsTap to Download

PetitionsEvent Registrations & Ticket Sales

Nifty Campaigns T-shirts enables you to take your campaign's call to action (CTA) wherever you go.

image Championing. Advancement.

Grow Your Number of Advocates

Taking "Viral" Offline

Grow Your ArmyExtend Your Reach

Viral MarketingViral Fundraising

When you increase the number of people who wear your shirts, you increase your advocates. They can spread awareness for you, and direct others to your call to action immediately.

image Distance. Alternative.

Your Very Own Campaign Text Code

Connect with everyone, even those without NFC.

Connect Long DistancesNFC Alternative

You specify a text code when you link your own campaign to Nifty tees. This gives anyone the ability to text a message to our special number and the sender will get a link that will direct them to your URL. This is useful for interacting with those who do not have NFC technology on their mobile device, or if you're simply pointing someone to your campaign from accross town or accross the country.

image Measurement leads to success.

Measuring Your Campaign Effectiveness

effective marketing accountability requires a mix of art and science: it requires transformation of culture, of process and of the methods used to measure marketing effects, and to act on the insights from those measures.

- Frank Harrison, Strategic Resources Director, ZenithOptimedia

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