T-Shirt Fundraising Will Never Be The Same

Creative Fundraising With #Tap2Fund T-Shirts


Fundraising #tap2fund T-Shirt

 No need to look further for unique fundraising ideas.  The tech-enabled #tap2fund T-Shirt fundraising features a patch on the right sleeve giving you an easy opportunity to talk about your cause quickly after the introduction to your potential donor.  These shirts allow anyone with an NFC-Enabled phone to tap on the the patch to get to your campaign information immediately enabling you to convert that potential into real donations right away. For those without NFC-enabled devices, they can still get to your campaign by sending the text message "TXT2FUND <your_campaign_code>" to 343434.
What's more is that when your donors and other advocates buy and wear these shirts, they continue to spread your cause and receive donations on your behalf causing a viral fundraising effect that takes place outside of the online world! Just imagine the how much more could have been raised by some of the famous Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns if they had these shirts.  
What are you waiting for? Let your advocates work for you!

Create a campaign to get started.

#tap2fund patch Actual Size of patch 2.75" x 2.75"

Shirt Care Instructions

The NFC tag and patch are indeed water proof. The patch and the tag are also resistant to wear and tear. No amount of washing is capable of destroying the NFC tags. The NFC tag however are not resistant to heat. High temperatures will effect the tags so please refrain from ironing the patch or by setting the washing machine to the highest temperature. Any other parts of the shirt can be ironed except for the patch.

The shirts themselves are made of preshrunk 100% cotton. When washing the shirt, machine wash warm, inside out and with like colors. Tumble on dry medium.

DO NOT: Iron the patch, wash on the highest temperature setting, use chlorine bleach or dry clean.


Tapping your mobile phone not bringing up your campaign page?  Here's several things to look for...

  1. All NFC-Enabled devices work with the patch.  Verify that your device support NFC.  Here's a list of known supported devices.  There are probably many many more supported devices not on this list, to be certain, check your device manual.  If it's supported... continue reading.
  2. Turn on NFC.  Most NFC phones have the NFC feature off by default.  Typically, you can enable NFC by going to your phone's settings and tap on the NFC icon to enable it.  You will need to consult your device manual for exact instructions as this configuration may vary from phone to phone.
  3. Don't tap to fast!! Place the back of the phone so that the middle of the patch is touching the back of the phone right up against the phone's battery.  It is actually the phone's battery that gives life to the NFC tag thus allowing the phone to read its contents.
    1. Still not reading?  Make sure your phone is unlocked (typically a swipe or 4 digit pin code to unlock your phone)
    2. Not reading the tag may also be due to a thick phone case.  You may need to remove the phone from its case.  This happens VERY VERY rarely.
    3. Ensure there's no metal near the patch and phone.  Sometimes phone battery accessories such as some Qi wireless charger receivers block the NFC signal as it employs metal in its products.  
  4. If all else fails, you can still point them to your campaign page by texting "txt2fund <your_campaign_id>" to 343434.  Our system will respond with the correct link to get to your campaign.


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